Braided Kangaroo Buttons
Very few of the custom leash makers utilize braided buttons. Why? Because they are difficult and time consuming. We take pride in our braiding and like to show off our skill by doing something out of the ordinary.

Even a plain kangaroo lead can be made extra special with the addition of a button at each end of the lead. Most buttons can be done with 2 colors, making it stand out even more.

Buttons can be added just about anywhere on your lead or collar. They can also be utilized inside bead combinations. However, adding TOO many buttons will make your item less flexible. Consider your use of the item when deciding how many buttons to add.
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Pineapple button - longest button (almost 1 1/2" long), normally placed on the ends of leashes or collars. Can also be used instead of a bead, as the focal point in a bead combination. This button can be braided as a solid or two-tone button.

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Spanish Ring knots - Narrow button (turquoise knots on the outside of ROM in handle) used as an accent on the lead. It can be placed alongside either of the two larger buttons or in bead combinations. Can only be braided as a solid colored button.

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Turk's Head button - Relatively short button (about 1/2" long) that can be used on collars or leads, either as a stand alone button or inside bead combinations. Can be braided as a solid or two-tone button.

Past examples of buttons on leads and collars

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Turquoise and saddle tan Turk's head button in the center of a bead combination.

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Whiskey and black Turk's head buttons in a bead combination.

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Four red spanish ring knots and two, black and red Turk's head buttons in a focal set on a 4 strand black lead.

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A beautiful saddle tan and fern pineapple button as a focal point in this bead set.

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Pineapple buttons are located on each end of this lead, while matching Turk's head buttons were used in the bead combination.

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Two tone pineapple buttons on each end of the lead, one by the snap and the other by the thumb hold.

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Pink and natural tan pineapple buttons on the ends of this martingale collar.

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Hazel Spanish ring knots are located on either side of the sterling silver beads, while hazel and natural tan Turk's head buttons are large enough to stand alone as decoration.

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Black Spanish ring knots flank red and black Turk's head buttons on this kangaroo slip-snap collar.