Customer Testimonials
Nothing is more important than customer service. You want a product that meets your needs in the show ring and at home - we understand because we want the same thing. When you buy a lead or collar from Leashes by Design, you are buying it from someone who shows and trains dogs and understands what is needed in the ring and at home.

We love working with our customers to design a special leash - from beads and braided buttons to a certain color combination. Our repeat customers will tell you how much they love our products - if they didn't love them, they'd go somewhere else! We also do not advertise, nor do we do booths at dog shows. The majority of our sales comes from customer referrals.

If you have a special request for your dog, feel free to call or e-mail us and we will do everything we can to ensure that you get the perfect gear for your dog.

Here are just some of our recent customers' wonderful comments about their new Leashes by Design creations.

If you are interested in comments regarding our prong collars - they have been moved to their own page and can be found

*** Also, please note, that we are no longer making some of the products shown on the testimonial pages. Product variety has been limited in an effort to concentrate on the kangaroo items, which is our specialty.
"Came today, it is just beautiful workmanship. I hope it works with this little guy. Thank you. If asked where I got it I will pass your name on."
Chris Ashley
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"How do you manage to out do yourself? When I opened your package I was so tickled. You have truly outdone yourself on this one! It is absolutely gorgeous. The feel, the look, the bead work is just unbelievable. I know there was no way I could have expressed to you how I had visualized it, because YOU did a far better job than what my puny imagination could have come up with. Thank you so very much.

Thank you again for all of your beautiful work. The lead is stunning. I don't know how your work can get better, but you manage to take a customers' simple request and turn it into a beautiful work of art. Thank you for having the vision that I obviously lack.
Kato, Bumble and BEE"
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"My dog Andrei and I just wanted to let you know we used one of the two knotted leads at a Show here in Calgary at the end of February. We won Best Of Opposite and had some serious competition to beat. Thank you from both of us, you're leads must be very LUCKY!!!"
Cicely Schoen
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"Just a quick note to let you know that I picked up the lead from my girlfriend's. The lead is beautiful. She was quite envious. Can hardly wait to show it off next weekend.
Thanks again."
Sandi Zacher
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"I was thrilled Saturday when I received the beautiful collar and lead. I know it will not be the last one I order."
Janis Irvin

A subtle color combination of whiskey and grape. A 4-strand kangaroo lead with slip collar.
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"JUST got it!! gorgeous craftsmanship....and the collar fits SO well. I got it for our work in obedience...but I may have to use it daily...I love it."
Elizabeth Knight

A beautiful combination of colors on this 8 strand set - hazel, pink and grey - with one matching bead combination.
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"I love it! You do amazing work and the quality of the collar and leash is top notch."
Paula Louvier

A simple, yet stunning, combination using 8 strands of black kangaroo leather with brown and black wooden beads. The 22" martingale has a heavy core and a 3/4" O-ring martingale chain.
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"I like having the other leads & tab for daily work and they are such fun colors - love the yellow red green one - WOW! We are ready to dazzle the folks! Thank you again for all the lovely work!"
Gayle Twiname

Three paracord leads and an extra short pull tab
Colors (from outside to inside):
1 - Royal Blue and Kelly Green
2 - Imperial Red, Neon Yellow and Neon Green
3 - Imperial Red and Charcoal Grey
Pull Tab - Imperial Red
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"This past weekend we had the opportunity to show off our new leash and collar..... needless to say our dog "Magnum" did quite well in the obedience trial and we got tons of compliments on the leash and collar. Thanks again!"
Tom Arns

A beautiful, 8 strand, 30" Black and Whiskey leash in a snake pattern, complete with sterling silver accents and braided buttons. Also, a matching 23" martingale collar with 1/2" O-ring chain.
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"WOW!! The lead is gorgeous!! VERY happy with this! Husband says it is masculine and classy - just what our big male Bouviers require!!"
Susan Fort

A beautiful black and grey, 8-strand lead with multiple buttons and sterling silver ferrules. This is definitely one of my favorites!
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"I received Vegas's collar and lead and I love it. Now I have to order one for my other dog."
Sharon West

Vegas, a Golden Retriever, only uses gear in red,
black and white. A beautiful, 6 strand black and red
lead with heart pewter tubes and pineapple buttons. And, because Vegas likes to pull - an 8 strand martingale collar with an extra heavy core.
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"The lead just arrived. It's lovely. Super soft and your braiding is very even and tight. I'm sure Flirt will enjoy showing it off."
Patty Griffin

A 4 strand lead in blueberry kangaroo lace, complete with sterling silver ferrules and turk's head buttons. As an extra touch, Patty's initials in sterling inside the handle.
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Just received the leash - LOOKS WONDERFUL! Love it! Cannot wait for my handler to see it - and to see how it looks on the dog!"
Heather Leumer

A strong lead for a strong Mastiff - an 8 strand turquoise and brown kangaroo lead with two matching bead sets.
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"Shannon, the leash was just wonderful. I used it for training this afternoon. It works just right."
Alice Reid

A black and scarlet paracord leash for Alice's dobermans in North Carolina.
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"WOW- I LOVE THIS LEAD! What a wonderful job you did. I can't wait to use it this coming weekend...You do fabulous work. Thank you so much! They are very unique and beautifully made."
Kato Kinder

A 26" black, 4-strand lead with multiple braided buttons for Kato's Chow Chow in the conformation ring.
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"The collars are wonderful - I love them."
Christine Martin

Wonderful new 6-strand kangaroo martingale
collars - one in red and the other in turquoise.
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"Thank you again and I look forward to seeing more of your work on my dogs! I can think of many other leads I would love to have. The problem is, you can only use one lead at a time! You have a very special talent. Thank you for your attention to detail and beauty. You have a very keen eye for color, beauty and balance."
Kato Kinder

A truly unique lead for Kato's beautiful Chow Chows. This 60", 6-strand, dark brown lead has 6 pink and brown pineapple buttons and 5 natural and pink turk's head buttons spaced evenly throughout the lead.
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"The leash is absolutely beautiful."
-Candy Garcia

A striped, turquoise and black lead for Candy's Australian Shepherd, Breezy Oaks Basin Street Blues (aka Streeter). Complete with matching pineapple buttons and a beautiful bead set.
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"Got the lead- it is gorgeous! The button totally reminds me of a bumblebee...Kit will look very stylish at our national specialty in a few weeks. He is thrilled too and says he promises to try very hard now that he will look so good!"
Stacy Harris

Papillion - Majestic Joy The Bee's Knees OA, OAJ (aka Kit) is definitely enjoying his new "bumblebee" lead.
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"Your work is far above others I‘ve dealt with for kangaroo. As you said, it is sturdy and very tightly braided. The snap is also nicely attached and rather incognito since my eyes go to the design and colors in the lead, including the bead set and pineapples. Those little embellishments really dress up the whole look. I am just thrilled! It is gorgeous!"
Debbie Carley
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