More Customer Testimonials!

My leash arrived today - absolutely beautiful. I love the button work and just enough color - PERFECT! Thank you again."
Carla Girou
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"Ok, I am absolutely in love! The leash and collar are absolutely STUNNING! Pink is now equipped to strut her stuff in style!"
Jamie Morris,
Cedarhollow Mastiffs

A unique pink lead for the Mastiff Nationals. The bitch's name is "Get This Party Started" - call name "Pink". An 8-strand kangaroo lead in peony, loaded with sterling silver ferrules and pink and black beads.
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"I just wanted to let you know that the collars came in today! They are absolutly beautifull and fit perfect! And the one for Kareyma (my border) is perfect for her. I can't thank you enough. Im sure I will be back for some leashes soon. Thanks so much."
Shayla Delk
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Above - Shayla's beautiful merle Sheltie named Keydan (aka Bach Keyaira Sent
Trouble From Above CGC)

"Just to let you know how much I love the 36" black braided lead with the black/white bead work. It exceeded my expectations in quality! Thank you."
Kim Vent
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"Just wanted to let you know I received my leash yesterday. It is beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much, you did a great job. I took to handling classes and everyone loved it. I'm very pleased."
Ann Ciesco

A 48 inch, tri-colored 4-strand lead made especially for Ann's french bulldogs for the 2007 Nationals.
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"Hey Shannon,
Just wanted to send you a pic of Callie sporting her new stuff at her first ever competition.  She got 4th place and I was so very proud of her.  She looked so good and did so well.  Thanks again for making such great stuff."
Denice Drass
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6 strand kangaroo set, braided in a triple spiral pattern. A perfect match to Callie's coloring.

"Hi Shannon
My leash arrived today - it's beautiful! It looks very subtle on Berta which I really like! I am amazed at how strong it is for such a fine leash. Thank you very much! I'll look for you at the (German Shepherd) nationals!"
Daphne Carey
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OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) Overdrive, a German Shorthaired Pointer, sporting his new set for the obedience ring.
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"Hi Shannon,
I got the lead in the mail today. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! So clean and classy. It is perfect for Jean. I will be ordering from you again. Hopefully I will be getting my puppy in the near future. I've been waiting for about a year now. lol
Thank you again!!"
Shannon Freeman
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"Hi Shannon:
Thank you so much for the leash, which arrived on Saturday. The combination of colors works really well on her and I love the way it feels in the hand. Roseanne is very comfortable in it too. Great job!"
Philippa Jordan
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I received the leash yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL."
Marcia Warshauer

Black paracord lead with a sterling silver bead set.
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"Got them today and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! The black and tan one looks stunning with both my ruby and my black and tan girl!!! thank you so much and I will have them for the show this weekend.....I will be ordering more I am sure and I am also sure you will get some calls after these leads are seen this weekend!!! Thanks again."
Nancy Maddox
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4 strand loop leads for Nancy's cavaliers in the breed ring.
Above - black and whiskey
Left - white

"Received the leads and they look great!! Personal preference, but would prefer larger snap at end of lead on next order. Great Christmas gift for fellow dog lovers. For my purposes, nice lead to simply hang from belt while bird hunting. Thanks again."
Stephen Gregg
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24", 8 strand leads - a perfect fit for the bird hunter who wants a lead to hang from a belt loop.
Above - Hazel with green accents
Left - Dark brown with hazel and white accents

"Shannon -- they came today and they're lovely. Thank you."
Marilyn Buford

2 paracord leads, one in royal blue and silver and the other in imperial red and silver.

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"Hi Shannon -
It’s been almost a year since I first bought the collars for Indy and Bacca. I just have to tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these collars. And every time I’m on my favorite Sheltie forum and someone asks about what kind of collar for Shelties, I go into the Leashes By Design mantra! I’ve posted pic’s of our collars on many occasions. These martingale collars are perfect for Shelties. They bury in the fur, sit loose without matting, and tighten when on leash so that they can’t slip their collar (Shelties are classic for that because of their small head compared to their thick ruffs).
p.s. Thinking about leashes next!
Best wishes."
Barbara Vachon

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Two 6 strand martingale collars, one in black and turquoise and the other in whiskey and turquoise.
"They just arrived today and are beautiful! Wow is all I can say. I have never seen these kind before. The colors were perfect too – thanks for your suggestions.
Thanks again!"
Erin Schaefer
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Left - 6 strand kangaroo slip lead in ochre, brandy and white. Above - Paracord slip lead in silver grey, charcoal grey and black.
They arrived today, just in time for me to get them to the staff before I leave for the holidays. They are beautiful!"
Judy Wheaton
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A special request by the Pearl River County SPCA in Picayune, Mississippi - paracord leads with handles on both ends. This way it is quick and easy for staff members to form a head loop at either end, while still having a handle to hand on to.
"Received the lead, love it! Just what I was looking for." 
Sheryl Werner

Purple paracord lead with a small brass snap.
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"Hi Shannon,
The collar came on Thursday. It fits Chloe perfect with a bit of room for her to grow. The colors are great and they look nice w/ her fur color.
Thanks again!!"
Sue McDonough

Paracord slip collar in acid teal and purple.
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