More Customer Testimonials!

"Dear Shannon,
The beautiful leash arrived yesterday, and it is lovely. It is just what I thought it would be and looks every bit as attractive. It looks great with Molly's color and is just the right size and length. We will enjoy using and showing off this leash for many years. I appreciate your talent and am so happy to have heard about your work.
Thank you, Dottie Kennedy"

A 6 strand loop lead in grey, turquoise and white.
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"Hi Shannon-
Edna's leash and collar arrived yesterday. We both love them and she looks stunning in her new collar (the fit is perfect). I really like the side release. Once Wilma gets a little bit older we will get back to you with our next order. Thanks very much - you do beautiful work and I can't wait 'til our next dog show."
Margaret Warner

Black English bridle leather martingale collar and a matching 6 strand kangaroo lead for the obedience ring.
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"Shannon -
I got the leash and collar set, it is absolutely beautiful!!! I love because it's durable yet very elegant, great job!"

Wendy Stehle

Paracord set in rose pink with matching beads.
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I've received Kyte's leash. It's perfect and beautiful. Thank you very much for getting that done. Beautiful job. Thank you."
Kathryn Horton

A matching red, black and white lead for a previously ordered martingale collar.
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Here is a picture of Genny with her PBGV Hottie and their new leash.  Genny loves it and Hottie thinks it makes her look even more beautiful!  LOL! Thanks again."
Robyn Schave

A 4 strand grape lead with black pineapple buttons and a silver bead set for the Juniors ring.
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"Hi Shannon,
I am feeling rather connected to Trevor with his new collar, especially when I wear my matching bracelet. ;) Your work is much, much nicer than others."
Paula Patton

A matching ochre and turquoise set for a Belgian Tervuren and his handler. The collar is braided a little differently, with a loop instead of an end o-ring. The collar needed to be as lightweight as possible to hold the dog's tags (which can be hooked to the ring on the bolt snap).
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Got the order today...LOVE IT. Absolutely beautiful. So well made and fits her perfectly.  It is stunning on her. I will try to get a nice picture for you. She is a beautiful dog that looks gorgeous in this set. Thank you, thank you. I still have to sit down for an hour and think about an order for the weim...too many choices on your site:) 

I will get with you soon about the second order. Thanks again. I REALLY love it."

Cathy Westbrook
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Luther, the Weimaraner, modeling his collar and leash set. He is owned by Cathy Westbrook.
It's here and it's beautiful. Thank you sooooo much. I especially like the beads you selected, a very nice touch."
Ann Tremblay

4 strand kangaroo lead with 3 strands of grape and 1 strand of natural tan. Matching bead sets and the handler's initials in the handle.
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The leads came today and they are GREAT! They fit perfectly! Thanks again for answering so many questions leading up to crafting these.I appreciate the time and your skill to craft these."
Sheri Rockhill

6 strand martingale leads. One lead in turquoise, yellow and black, the other in pink, grape and natural tan.
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Beacon loves his new paracord training lead. He is owned by Lesley Stanley.

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"I was so excited when my lead came that I immediately took pictures of it and posted them to my facebook page!  It was a pleasure ordering from you.  I got exactly what I wanted.  It was great to be able to discuss with you what would work for me instead of having to choose something from a drop down menu.  Thank you so much!"
Kathy Norfleet

6 strand whiskey lead with a black and whiskey pineapple button at the snap end.
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"Hi Shannon, 
Been meaning to write you.  The leads are gorgeous!!!!!!    Exactly what we were hoping for.  Our channel set rhinestones look like a diamond wedding band (love them!!!!).  So just wanted to pass this on.  You’re leads are like the “Mercedes Benz” of show leads. Thanks again and don’t be surprised when we come back for more in the future." 
Mindy Garbarino
Chantico Irish Water Spaniels - New York

Two, identical 6 strand loop leads to match the colors of Mindy's kennel logo. 4 strands of brandy, 1 strand of whiskey and 1 strand of red.
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