Prong Collar Connector

I do not like a lot of "extra" stuff on my dog, unless it is for safety purposes.

With a dog who is reactive, fearful, aggressive, or one that does not have a reliable recall, I always recommend erring on the side of caution and putting a back up prong collar connector on your dog. Also, if your dog tends to bolt when a collar comes off, they should ALWAYS have a backup on, it doesn’t matter if you are in your yard or around town.

Prong collar connectors are a good idea for ALL prong collars, regardless of the style (plain, buckle, quick snap, etc.). A small prong collar, even without a buckle, can be blown apart by a stronger dog who hits the collar at the end of a lead. Protect your dog in all possible scenarios.

Pictures below are not to scale:

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All connectors are made with strong webbing material and are triple stitched for reliability. Standard length for the toy size is between 5-5.5”, standard length for the medium and large size is 8-9”, but they can be made in other lengths if needed.

Three sizes available:
1) Toy size, 3/8” wide with nickel plated snaps
2) Medium weight, 1/2" wide with brass or nickel snaps
3) Heavy weight, 5/8" wide with brass or nickel snaps

Price: $8.00 each

If a prong connector size is not indicated with order, a medium weight connector will be made. Or, if we know the breed or size of dog, we will size accordingly. Nickel snaps are used, unless brass are requested.

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Buckle adapters on Etsy store - click here

Backup safety connectors - click here

This photo shows the connector attached to both collars. One snap hooks to the prong collar, the other snap is attached to the backup collar (in this case, a flat buckle collar).
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If the prong collar were to come off the dog, for any reason, you would still be attached to your dog.
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Please note - All prong collars are considered "training" collars and should NEVER be left on your dog unattended. There is a risk of injury through the misuse of ANY type of collar, so if you are unsure of the proper use of a prong collar, please consult a professional. Also, there is not a buckle in the world that is "fail proof". Please keep your dog's behavior and training in mind when purchasing a collar.

Backup collars and/or collars without buckles are recommended for aggressive dogs or dogs that are unreliable off lead. Leashes by Design cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries to humans and/or animals.

I recommend having a "back up" method in place for all situations where safety is a priority. For example, my current dog is very reactive to loud noises and could bolt if he got loose and was scared. I do not use a back up when working my dog at our dog club (fully fenced), but I do use a back up during general walking or when we are at hotels.