What do customers have to say about our side release buckle prong collars?

"Hi Shannon,
I continue to refer my friends to you for customized prong collars. The Herm Sprenger is top of the line, we love the easy on/off buckle and the leather work is beautiful. Superlative work and impeccable customer service. Thank You!

Here is Jozzzzzy (just turned one year old). Strong and powerful, she is also wearing a backup 'necklace' fur saver."

Liz M.
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"Here are a couple of pictures of Stella you might want to use. We love the collar, works great, LOOKS great. Thanks for your talent!"
Sandy B.
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"Thanks so much for the beautiful collar. It looks great and works great. Attached is a picture of Bernie wearing it!"
Maura F.
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"Thank you very much for the great collars for my dogs. Very durable, easy and great design. I love it! I use everyday and works great. Whenever my dogs see the collars, they run toward me with wagging tail. I'm glad I found you who makes best collars. I'll come back again!"
Madoka K.
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"I got my prong collar yesterday and am in LOVE! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It was so easy to get on and off as I knew it would be and it fit pretty much perfectly, so I don't think I'll have to remove any links. It is so much less stressful right before our walks and training visits when I'm not struggling to get his old prong collar on him and he's anxiously waiting to get going already!
Thanks again,"
Sarah M.
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"Hi Shannon,
I received side release prong collar yesterday.
It's really really nice  : )
Sherry H.
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Other happy customers....

"I just got home from work and the collars are here and they are perfect! I tried the prong one on and it was so easy to get on and off! No fighting with him. No hurting my fingers on the prongs! I cant wait to get up and take him for a walk in the morning. Thank you so much."
Shellie T.

"The collar fits both Terv boys wonderfully--high up on the neck as they are supposed to be. It is nice to take them for walks with NO pulling. Both respect the collar and do not fight or resist it."
Jan G.

Thank you so much for getting my collars to me so quickly. They are even more gorgeous on my babies than I had imagined. Thanks again for your amazing work and I look forward to future purchases!"
Stacy M.

"I can't believe how quickly you completed the work and how fast they arrived. They came yesterday. They are perfect, exactly what I have been looking for for a long time. I used it immediately on my foster boy and what a nice change to be able to put it on quickly and yet feel safe knowing it's secure. No more prong collars opening up on me! Thanks again."
- Diane F.

"Received the prong collars today. The dogs and myself love the collars. The collars are great looking and easier to use than the choke collars.
Keely H.

"Really like the way you integrated the buckle into the collar and can see why Sprenger collars are the industry standard for quality. Thanks for the prompt and courteous service."
Jim F.

"Shannon - just thought I would let you know we received the collars and they look and work great. The clip is so much better than what we were using before. Thanks again for a great product!"
Julie B.

"Hi Shannon,
The collar arrived today - I love it! It is beautiful. The color is perfect and I think the size is okay but I will get someone more knowledgeable than I to check it out. Jack wore it on his walk this afternoon and behaved himself ;-). Thank you."
Gillian G.

"I received my quick release prong dog collar yesterday and I  love it. This release is so much easier on my hands. I am disabled and had a lot of trouble squeezing the prongs together.  
LouAnn S.

I got my prong collar in today and LOVE it!  The color is absolutely perfect!  I can’t wait to show it off at obedience class!"
Christine M. & Kepler

"I just received the collar and I love it!!!!  I have others and I must say yours is the nicest made. I teach dog obedience and do sell the plain ones. I would recommend you for those who would like to go with this type. I will have to add one link since it is a drop snug. I don't think it will be a problem as the way it is made."
Jeanette F.

"Hi Shannon,
The collar you sent is PERFECT! It fits well. It looks much better than the prong collar I've been using (from Pet's mart) and best of all, Hintza is highly responsive to it in a calm, unconcerned way!
I am really happy. Thank you!"
Melinda L.

"Received the collars today and they are fabulous. When I went to the training class this evening, everyone loved the idea. Gave out your website so hopefully you'll get more business!"
Tiffany G.

"Shannon, I got the collar – works like a charm.  My little guy is smart enough to just stop pulling!! Thanks."
Susan G.

"I'm way overdue sending you an email to tell you how much I LOVE the two prong collars I got from you with the woven leather & side release buckles. They are SO much easier to put on and take off, especially my wiggly dogs who are anxious to get out and get moving!! I can't tell you how many times people have asked me for your contact information after admiring the collars. And -- they look so nice on the dogs ! Good looks and great function - perfect!"
Marcia B.

"I walked my dog today for the first time--meaning she did not walk me. The prong collar is terrific. I used it this afternoon and loved it. I wish I had known about it (and your website) sooner. Better late than never."
Carol H.

"Thanks, Shannon.  It got here yesterday and I used it for the first time on our walk this morning. She certainly seems to be responding to it much better than she did to the old big prong I had been using, so I am feeling more comfortable walking her, despite my bad back...and thanks so much for your prompt attention and for a really good product! The clasp is excellent!"
Linda V.

"Collar arrived today! It is beautiful! Works great! Used it in class on Sat and since then. Wish I would have found it years ago!"
Kim J.

Ben's collar fit perfectly. I would have thought you had him there to try it on! Great job and thanks again!"
Carolyn W.

"After getting to use the collar a few times I wished I'd gotten one much sooner. His first walk was so nice I thought maybe he was just worn out from spending the day at grandma's with the kids but this morning was the same thing. I did remove one link last night, the collar was falling down his neck and resting just on his other collar. With the one link removed it stayed about half way up his neck, I don't want to get it to tight though. His neck is the same circumference from behind his ears to his shoulders so it's going to be hard to keep it right behind his ears I think. It doesn't spin freely around his neck at all, actually puts up some resistance if I try to move it around. True test was this morning when we saw a rabbit, he loves them and wants to play with them so bad (them and the deer) he went to the end of his leash and the collar tightened but there was no pull or his normal standing on his hind legs to try and see better. Thanks again, the collar works great and looks good too. If you ever have anyone with any doubts about them feel free to give them my email address to contact me."
John L.

"I received my collars today and they are awesome!  What fast shipping too!  Thank you so much!!!"
Marcy S.

Just a quick note to let you know the collar arrived today and it WORKS for my wife!  Thank you for such a great product and for such rapid delivery."
John O.

"Hi Shannon,
I received the collars in the mail today.  I already tried out one of the collars on my dogs.  I love it.  I love the buckle, so easy to put on and take off.  I showed the collar to a couple of my dog club members and they love it too.  The are interested in purchasing a collar too.  I am going to forward your information to them. Thanks again."
Kathy F.

"I received my new prong collar a few days ago and I absolutely LOVE it! I've been using prong collars for years and the added feature of the side release is wonderful, so easy to put on.  It's quite an attractive collar with the leather weaved through.  I'll definitely be referring you to all my 'dog' friends.  It was a pleasure doing business with you."
Kristen A.

"I tried out the new prong collar yesterday and I love it!! So easy on and off, awesome!"
Linda R.

"Got the collar yesterday and tried it at training last night.  AWESOME!!!  
I struggled with the cheaper collar to get it on and off.  Put a carabiner on it to make it easier for me but it took away the functionality of the collar then. I will definitely be singing your praises to K9 handlers all around!!!"
Julie D.

"Just wanted to let you know I received the new collars today, that was very prompt and I appreciate it.  You were exactly right about the sizing and they look much daintier on my girls than the old ones did.  That plus the ease of putting them on and off has me in love with them.  Thanks so much for your help."
Judy K.

"Just wanted to thank you for the prompt service. I received the new Sprenger collar with special clasp today. It is fantastic. I believe I mentioned when I ordered the collar that I suffer from arthritis and the basic unit has been a bear to put on for training. The new snap collar is outstanding, it is a snap. Thanks again for such a great idea. You are the best. I will recommend your collar to everyone."
John C.

"Just want to say that I love this collar! So much better than the other HS I have, and thanks for your clear directions on the size these fit on your webpage. I bought the suggested size from Amazon, and it was way too big for my dog. This one is great! And I can get it right below her head and she is much easier to control now. I just needed the final tool to get her not to pull me around other dogs, and I think this is it. Thank you so much, Shannon!"
Katie J.