The prong collar with the added sided release buckle was created by Leashes by Design over 10 years ago!!

It started out simple enough...we hate prong collars. Not the actual "use" of a prong collar, just the fact of squeezing the links together to put the collar on and off. Our dogs love seeing their training equipment come out. So much, that they can barely (or in one case, won't) sit still while we put their collars on. Realizing there had to be something better, we designed a collar that works wonderful, looks great and is easy to put on and take off your dog. Our collars are now used across the country, as well as abroad, in training facilities and for simply taking dogs for their evening walk.

Herm Sprenger collars, made in Germany, have slightly rounded ends on the links to minimize the chance of injury. All chains have end swivels (with the exception of the micro prong). The collar lengths can be adjusted by adding or removing individual links, which can be purchased separately. Proper use REQUIRES a snug fit.

We do not carry the Herm Sprenger collars with the quick release scissor snap on the chain. We have used these collars personally in the past and have had these scissor snaps open by themselves (usually at the worst possible moment!). You will find the side release buckles extremely strong and be amazed at how quickly you can put on and take off your dog's collar.

Available sizes:

Micro Prong collar - This is the only prong collar which is NOT made by Herm Sprenger. This collar is specifically designed for small breed dogs, using strong stainless steel. This collar is also a great tool for fine corrections on larger, trained dogs, but is not intended for initial training or heavy corrections on medium or large sized dogs. Non-swivel o-ring on chain. 1.6mm links.

Small Prong collar with end swivel - Herm Sprenger, 2.25mm links, Chrome-Plated or Stainless Steel

Medium Prong collar with end swivel - Herm Sprenger, Chrome-Plated, 3.0mm links
Herm Sprenger does NOT make a medium sized prong collar in Stainless Steel; however, the large size is fairly comparable to the medium sized links. Same sized prong, but heavier gauge of metal used to form the links.

Large Prong collar with end swivel - Herm Sprenger, 3.2mm links, Chrome-Plated or Stainless Steel

How to measure for one of our prong collars:
Prong collars are meant to be worn snuggly, high on the neck, right behind your dog's ears. Measure this area of your dog's neck with a flexible tape measure. Provide us with this measurement and we can estimate the size of collar you need. Please be aware that this is just an estimate, you may still need to adjust the collar slightly when you receive it, depending on how you want the collar to fit your dog. Also, the amount of coat on your dog's neck can affect how the collar fits.

If you already own a prong collar, but want to upgrade to one of our collars, please measure your current collar to ensure the best fit. Open your collar at any link and lay the collar on a flat surface. Measure the entire length of the collar, end to end (prongs and chain).

Videos illustrating proper fit and use of a prong collar from K9 Connection in Buffalo, New York -
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Another great video from Tyler at K9 Connection, shows a wonderful way to introduce the prong collar to your dog -
Conversational Leash Work

Many examples of past prong collars and customer comments on the
Testimonials page.

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