I’m sorry, but I am not currently accepting orders for article bags,
as I am working off of an extensive wait list.
If you are a past customer, please contact me.

Article bags

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These are custom bags for utility articles or daily training use. The bottoms of these bags are mesh (not fabric covered) to provide even greater air flow in the bag.

Bags can be designed according to what YOU want as a handler. One or two pockets, mesh or fabric. Maybe you prefer a velcro tab instead of a pocket, I can do that too.

Although I have standard sizes, these can be adjusted slightly depending on what you need. I have a lot of material in stock, but often order material online to get exactly what a customer wants. Fabric.com is a great place to look for material. Spoonflower.com also has some unique (although more expensive) patterns available. People can also send me material to make their bag.

All bags shown on my website are sold, unless stated otherwise.
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Inside of bag. Mesh bottom to allow more air flow to the articles.
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Sizes & Prices

Price for each bag includes one mesh pocket. Additional pockets or velcro loops are additional.

Small bag - $45.00
base is approx. 5.5"x9" and ~10" tall

Regular bag - $45.00
base is approx. 6"x9.5" and ~13" tall

Large bag - $50.00
base is approx. 6.5" x 10.5" and ~14" tall.

Add ons

Second pocket:
Mesh - $5.00
Fabric (no mesh) - $7.00

Velcro loop:
$3.00 each
These need to be added to a side that does NOT have a pocket. Can do 1 or 2 loops.

Embroidered names or pictures:
Dog head on fabric pocket - $15.00
Embroidery on top of bag - can vary slightly, but generally $2.00 per letter or character (i.e. paw print)

I want one! Click HERE to download order form.
Complete and email to leashesbydesign@me.com.

Colors of available screen

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Dark Green

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Royal Blue

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Photos showing add-ons

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Close up of embroidery on pocket and bag.

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Muted initials on an article bag.