Measuring Instructions

We understand how difficult it can be when ordering something for your dog over the Internet. It is so much easier to take your dog to the store and try on collar after collar to find the best fitting one. However, these collars are normally plain, run of the mill collars. You obviously want something special and unique, or you wouldn't be here, on my website, looking to purchase a special collar or lead.

An inch is an inch. Right? No, at least not when we are making custom dog collars. It all depends on how the dog (or collar) is actually measured.

Don't believe us? Try it yourself...Take one of your dog's buckle collars and lay it open, flat on the table. Now, measure from the buckle to the correct hole. Now, fasten the buckle and measure the inside circumference of the fastened collar with a flexible tape measure. The first measurement will be larger than the second.

We are not trying to make it difficult, we promise! We just want your dog's collar to fit as well as possible. It is impossible for us to fit your dog over the Internet. Do not ask us to make a collar based on your dog's breed, age or weight - this is impossible. Please follow the measuring guidelines below for your dog's new collar.
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A customer's two Brittanys wearing their properly fitted, double strand martingale collars.

What you will need:

Flexible tape measure - sewing style, not a metal tape measure

The style of collar you want will determine where and how you measure, please see below.

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Buckle collar style:
Place your tape measure around your dog's neck, in the approximate area where you would like the collar to sit. To ensure a comfortable fit, put 2-3 fingers underneath the tape when measuring.

Photo at left: Gunner's neck measures approximately 15.5", with 2 fingers under the tape.

Photo at right: One of Gunner's finished collars, with an internal circumference of approximately 15.5".

Martingale or slip collar style:
Measurement #1

This style of collar must be able to be slipped on and off over the dog's head. Place the tape measure over the broadest part of your dog's head. Make sure the loop will slip back and forth over your dog's ears. These collars, if sized too snug, will be much more difficult to remove than put on, so make sure you have enough clearance.

Photo at right: Gunner's head measurement of 16.5".

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Martingale or slip collar style:
Measurement #2

To ensure that your dog is unable to back out of the collar, the collar needs to be able to close sufficiently. Measure, snugly, directly behind your dog's ears.

Photo at left: Gunner's measurement behind his ears is 14.5".

Alternate method of measuring:

If you prefer to measure a well-fitting collar, rather than your dog, you may also do that.

Place your martingale or collar on a flat surface (if is is a buckle collar, put the buckle into the hole that fits the best for this measurement). Use a flexible tape measure and measure the inside circumference of the collar. If you are measuring a martingale collar, also include the chain in your measurement. Keep the tape measure snug against the collar when measuring. Make sure you measure the ENTIRE circle of the collar, including any hardware. DO NOT pick up the collar when measuring.

This method can be used for measuring your dog for ANY collar. You do not have to measure the same style of collar as the one you are ordering. The only thing you have to keep in mind is whether or not the collar will need to be slipped over your dog's head. This is the way we measure our collars when we make them, so this will give you the most accurate fit possible.

For example, if you are ordering a standard martingale, you can measure any style of collar, as long as it will slip on and off the dog's head. The most important thing to remember is you always need to measure the internal circumference of the collar.

Also, please be aware that this is the way I measure my collars. Other vendors may measure their items differently. Always check with the braider you are ordering from to ensure you measure the same way they do.
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The internal circumference of this martingale is 17".
When deciding on what type of collar to use, please keep the following considerations in mind to help you decide which size will work best for your dog:

Age - If you choosing a collar for a dog who is younger then one and a half years old, chances are he or she will gain some size dimensions in the neck circumference.

Type of coat - Thick or longer coated dogs may need extra room for their fur to assure a comfortable fit of your dog's new collar.

Purpose of the item - A tighter fitting collar will assure a secure fit of the item for training dogs and working with them, a looser fit is appropriate for using the item around the house or extended wear.

We are not responsible for errors in measuring your dog.
These products are NOT adjustable after they are made.
Please measure carefully.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.