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A beautiful, custom collar for your dog, but priced so economically, you can afford more than one!

These collars are all hand made, using hitched webbing stitched to a heavy webbing base.

Buckles are securely attached via rivets. Adjustable leather end is attached with hand stitching, as well as a secure rivet.

As always, collars are handmade to fit YOUR dog. No stock sizes here!!

3 widths available
1/2”, 3/4” and 1”

Hardware options
Solid brass
Nickel plating over solid brass

* Placement of pattern will vary from collar to collar.
Leather color options for 1/2” collars:
Natural Tan

Due to the size of these collars, I use hand-dyed vegetable tanned leather to form the ends. The English Bridle leather is too thick for these smaller collars.

Price depends on length of collar: $18.00 - $22.00
3/4” and 1” collars:

English Bridle leather used for buckle attachment and adjustable end of the collar.

Leather color options:
Havana Brown
British Brown
London Tan
Natural Tan

The leather edges are left natural on all colors, except for black, which is hand dyed to match the leather.

Price depends on length of collar: $20.00 - $24.00

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1/2” hitched webbing choices:
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3/4” hitched webbing choices:
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1” hitched webbing choices: These are made with the 1/2” webbing, doubled on the collar
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Collars are measured by the length of the collar, from the end of the leather at the buckle (not the end of the buckle) to the middle hole on the opposite side. You can either measure an existing collar (from the end of the leather at the buckle end to the hole you use) or measure your dog’s neck. If you measure your dog’s neck, the collar length will be adjusted accordingly.
Please see the
collar measuring page for more information.