I have never kept track of how many leashes and collars I have braided, too many to try to count over the last ten+ years. I wanted to share a few of my favorites.
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An 8 strand lead, with a cluster of hand braided leather buttons.

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A 6 strand lead in a triple spiral pattern. Hand braided buttons on each end.

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An 8 strand lead in a beautiful, subtle color combination (light brown, cornflower blue and natural tan).

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A 4 strand lead in purple and white.

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A 4 strand lead in white with copper accents, along with 4 hand braided buttons.

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A classic color combination of black, red and white.

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My favorite gemstone beads (goldstone) on a solid black lead.

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Cornflower blue lead with a gorgeous bead combination.

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Purple, tan and black color combination.

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Ochre, blueberry and white with a matching bead set.

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Purple, light brown and tan, with a single, hand braided button by the handle.

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Saddle tan lead with a unique bead combination, including a hand braided button, silver and matching green beads.

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8 strand lead braided with 5 strands of purple, 2 lavender and 1 silver. A sterling plated ferrule adds a little more bling by the snap.

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Beautiful combination of turquoise, lime green and havana brown. Solid pineapple buttons were placed at each end.

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8 strand lead braided with 5 strands of jade green, 2 lime green and 1 natural tan.

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A beautiful, but super strong, lead for the breed ring. 5 strands of black, 1 whiskey and 1 natural tan. An anchored, hand braided Turk’s head button will give the handler a handhold when needed in the ring.

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8 strand lead braided with 4 strands of dark brown, 2 whiskey and 2 metallic gold.

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6’ long, 8 strand lead in black, green and natural tan. Black pineapple beads adorn each end.